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classes 2023
Currently no classes scheduled.Call my cell 703-973-1033 for private tutorship.

Intro to Printmaking - Silk Screening 101 

     Silk Screening is an ancient print making technique. The ongoing modernization of this printmaking method allows more experienced artists as well as beginners to use this technique as a stand alone art form or as a complement to other 2D techniques.  

     In the 2 hr mandatory Introduction Session to the Silk Screening Class we will explore the various ways you can use this print making form and how to use the Silk Screening studio. We will talk about the equipment as well as the possible use of digital software as a helpful tool. We will discuss the specific project you would like to work on and explore how you can best use silk screening in your project to reach your artistic goals.  

     Bring an image or sketch (or a few options) that you would like to work with in the upcoming class. This is important, since in the actual class, we will want to jump into real – and fun! - production mode.


Maximum participants in Intro session: 10


Intro Session I  (no date set)  6pm - 8pm


Location:  Studio in Lewes, Delaware

Fee $70

Printmaking - Silk Screening 101 


     Intro Session to Silk Screening is a pre-requisite for participation in this class. Even if you have prior silk screening experience it is important that you participate in the Intro session above - silk screening has gone through a lot of changes in the last 10-20 years and the intro will help you orient yourself in this new space of creation.  


We will be focusing on each student completing at least one silk screen art project. You will have your own screen for the duration of the class and be able to work on paper or/and canvas.  Required materials, including surfaces, acrylic polymer inks and various emulsions, will be provided in studio during class.

     Since the class is very small, each participant will be receiving individual attention and support. The focus of this class is on the basics, but leaves much room for individual explorations based on art skill level. Previous art making experience is not required, but helps. Bring your curiosity & sense of humor and dress for paint splatters on clothing and shoes!


Maximum participants per class: 3

3 sessions (no dates set) at 6:30pm - 9pm

Location: Studio in Lewes, Delaware

Fee $190, lab fee $45




  • according to your skill level  

  • according to your schedule

  • working on your project


10 hrs, 4 sessions, each session 2,5 hrs $380, lab fee $60


5 hrs, 2 sessions, each session 2,5 hrs $200, lab fee $60


Call cell 703-973-1033 to schedule

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