As a Finland native, my artistic roots are in Nordic design: clean, bright colors, bold shapes, crisp, strong lines – conveying energy, strength and motion. I draw my inspiration from nature but also from contemporary design. Being a 2D artist, I work in acrylic silk screening as well as mixed media.  My work has been called “progressive” and was characterized by the Washington Post as “Latter-Day Pop-Art.”  I am equally comfortable working with realistic, graphic shapes as I am with abstract, slightly sculptural work.

       I express myself through two artistic avenues – through precise silk screening and through mixed media, often combining the two.  My silk screens typically depict beach inspired lightness of heart expressing playfulness - bold colors on canvas blending with familiar iconography of the Mid-Atlantic beaches. 

      My mixed media work explores the contrast between controlled shapes and natural free strokes. I am drawn to search the juxtaposition of order and chaos, control and total freedom - an eternal dialogue between discipline and abandon or the breaking of perfection. 

     At times, I mix screen printing, acrylics, epoxy resin, metal leaf, cloth, plaster and heavy textures on various surfaces - linens, canvas and cradled wood board.  Using epoxy resin also allows me to work in multiple transparent layers, adding shadows and impactful depth to my work – as Mark Jenkins, in review of my gallery show in Washington DC, stated: “the buried depths belie the pristine skin” – hiding the inner turmoil.


     I came to art later life after a long, international business career in Europe and the US. Equipped with MBA and secondary PhD degree in Business Administration, the threshold was high to venture into art – being curiosity driven, I studied print making, painting, digital art and completed a Certificate in Graphic Design at the Corcoran Collage of Art and Design in Washington DC. In 2008 I started showing my work publicly and have since participated in juried art shows along the East Coast, from Connecticut to Florida. I have shown solo in Washington DC (Martha Spak Gallery) as well as at Thaler Gallery and Peninsula Gallery in Delmarva. I work and live in Lewes, Delaware and teach screen printing in my studio.